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Welcome to A Little Bit of Me Time, please come in and put your feet up!

If you are looking for help to slow down and enjoy life more, this really is the place for you.

  • Do you ever feel like hitting the escape button when stress hits?
  • Do you wish that life were simpler?
  • Do you crave some time for yourself?
  • How long can you carry on like this?

Whether you’re suffering from total burnout or just want some handy tips to deal with everyday stress and restore the balance and harmony in your life, we’ve got something for you.

We hope that our tips and ideas will enable you to live a simpler and happier life.

Escape Plan - I’m working on mine, and you could have one too!

What‘s the big idea?

Over the last ten years I have been developing my Escape Plan. A programme of relaxation and stress management that is deliciously simple and easy to follow. My promise is that, if you follow the programme, you will notice big differences in every area of your life.

Show me how simple the programme is!

Step One

Take ten minutes everyday to relax. Relaxing is when your whole mind and body can become calm and tranquil. Your whole central nervous system gets to chill. To help you achieve step one we have developed the CD. 'Just Ten Minutes'

Step Two

Once you have mastered step one, you can introduce one hour per week of ‘me’ time – this is where you choose to do something relaxing just for YOU.

Step Three

Once you have mastered step two, you can introduce one day a month of ‘me’ time. Now this, sometimes, is a bigger step than anticipated and needs to be approached gently. If you feel too guilty to indulge in a whole day all at once, then try starting with half a day and build up over the following months.

How to get started straight away

Everything you need to get started is here on the site. Follow the plan and listen to the CD and you will become:

  • Calm
  • Confident and
  • In control

Within days you will begin to notice changes, as you slow down and start to enjoy the things that really matter. You will become aware that you are creating the life that you really want and the life that you really deserve.

Then head over to the Blog and join in with the really juicy stuff. I will be showing you how to …

  • Stop beating yourself up
  • Build your confidence
  • Learn simple techniques to put you back in control of your stress
  • Develop life-long strategies to stay in control
  • Realise that you can be that calm and confident person that you always knew you were.

How to get in touch

Now that you have found us and are part of our little community, we would love to hear from you. Comment on the blog:


email me,

relax [at] aLittleBitofMeTime.com

or join me on twitter,


and let’s communicate

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